Marketing Plan For The Summit Club Loyalty Program

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In 1987 Kathmandu’s first store opened in Hardware Lane in central Melbourne. This year they drew inspiration for their customers, who wanted to be a traveller. Their goal is to encourage people to go out of the house to explore how the world is beautiful. Their products designed to make sure that they become more comfortable and safe for customers. Since 1990, they have become a leader in product design because of their creativity. They did this by asking a question to have ideas and to meet customer needs. In 1994, they launched the summit club loyalty program. In the period 2000 to 2012 Kathmandu branded products were 95% of sales and they have an own overseas experience they are already starting to have a small number of stores. This year was the time to change their introduction of a new management team and they only grow in the growth they 've provided them with new opportunities including the development of their teams, minimizing their environmental footprint and to continue to engage with initiatives for community development Kathmandu adventure series and cooperation with the red cross, outward bound NZ and Australia Himalayas foundation along with them and they also opened their online and mail order and following this year will be listed on the ASX and NSX. And now they and a still greater number of stores from 46 stores. (Kathmandu holdings)
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