Marketing Plan For The Target Corporation Company Essay

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Target Corporation company was first established in the year 1902 by an American known as George Dayton. The company was first called the Dayton Dry Goods and later in the year 1962 its name was changed to Dayton-Hudson to suite some interested parties. Moving onto the year 2000 , the name was finally and permanently made to be The Target Corporation and has since then not been changed. This company is a public company majorly retailing having a major base in Target Plaza North and Target Plaza which is South Minneapolis, Minnesota , in the United States. The target company is a US based company that is the second biggest retailing company in the United States. It was established by George Dayton who had the establishment of its headquarters in Minneapolis. It opened its first store in Roseville that is in Minnesota in 1962. The primary company had a name of Dayton-Hudson Corporation, and this took place after joining with J.L. Hudson Company in the year 1969.It had some ownership in various departments such as Dayton 's, Mervyn 's, Hudson 's and lastly Marshall Fields 's. The Target (Basil, 2009).

The SWOT Analysis
Target Company is vastly known and comes second after the Walmart that is ranked highest. Its subsidiaries that it has ownership of are, Target Financial Services , Target Commercial , Target Brand and Target Sourcing Services.
It has a wider market in the vast America
It has a large work force of about 355,000
It has

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