Marketing Plan For The United Service Station

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Convenience store & service station-
United service station
Nationwide 420 service stations 240 are privately owned and operated
• 90 are agents operating the service stations under an agreement with united
• 70 are owned and operated by united
• 20 are operated by lessees.
Independently owned service station-
Autonomously owned united owned stations must meet United’s benchmarks for item and services– along these lines every one of our clients get reliably high standards of services.
There are numerous advantages for joining united including:
• Momentary access to industry expertise and resources
• Branding and client recognasition
• upgrades, tips and indications on industry issues
• Wellbeing and security counsel and bolster (helping organizations meet their administrative Prerequisites)
• demonstrated strategies for success and projects to get their business up and running
United’s marketing strategy follows four ps Products Price- Place:
Promotion: . According to research customers value three things when they are shopping for a fuel .they are
Service, location and loyalty programme.
Loyalty programme-
Our loyalty programme is pp Rewards. With pp Rewards, Australian Automobile Association (AA) members earn two Drive Points when they spend $10 at participating united service stations and present their pp membership card. When Drive Points earned total 200, they receive a $20 discount coupon or a redu. The coupons can be used at…
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