Marketing Plan For The V Fusion + Energy Product Line

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Marketing Plan for the V Fusion + Energy Product Line

The beverage V Fusion + Energy is committed to its customers by providing flavors that set it apart from competition and is made for the youth, especially teenagers and college students who explore an extreme lifestyle of sports and action. Therefore, the brand has created appeal to the target group’s natural desires and ambitions and seeks to fulfil that quest. The drink capitalizes on its different flavors and nutritive value to appeal to different consumer markets and target groups. The beverage is up in competition against established brands, such as Monster, Red Bull, Rock Star, Lucozade, and Burn who command a huge chunk of the market share.
Branding and Packaging
The company seeks to strengthen the brand name, package the beverage in attractive packs that are representative of its consumers with the right colors in play. However, the company would optimize the brand value by implementing the marketing activities programs and emphasizing on brand design. The V Fusion + Energy drink logo will incorporate colors that stimulate emotional excitement among the youth. The logo will feature both green and red colors to reflect on the qualities of the adventurous, natural, and modern youth who is ahead of his millennial counterparts.
To differentiate the brand from competition, labels and packaging would be used. Moreover, all visual communication tools and promotional items featuring the brand logo and

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