Marketing Plan For Tourism Macedon Ranges

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Executive summary
This marketing plan is designed for Tourism Macedon Ranges in 2016; the marketing plan aims to build the awareness of the Macedon Ranges at the tourism domestic and international markets, in order to attract more visitations to the region. In same time, the marketing plan also aims to enhance the quality and variety of products and services provided by the Macedon Ranges to maximise customers’ satisfaction and travelling experience.. Other incredible sources of information were also used throughout the preparation of this marketing plan, such as Tourism Victoria’s Regional Marketing and Development Plan 2011-2012 of Tourism Victoria and Victoria’s Tourism and Events Industry Strategy 2020 by Victoria Tourism Industry Council and Victoria Events Industry Council. The information obtained from these sources provides a profound understanding of the background and current market position of the Macedon Ranges as well as the dominant customers groups and trend of visitations to the region. The region possesses a great potential thanks to its beautiful and rich natural assets, culture and heritage. However, due to low awareness, the Macedon Ranges has not been developed to its full potential. Based on this empirical ground, we analysed and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the awareness and promote the products and services of the Macedon Ranges to the potential customers, in order to increase the visitation to this beautiful area of…

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