Marketing Plan For Tracy 's Custom Wigs & Hairpieces

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Marketing Plan for Tracy’s Custom Wigs & Hairpieces This third phase of Tracy’s Custom Wigs & Hairpieces marketing plan is now the framework that is directing our company where we need to go. The writer highly recommends for an owner, no matter how long you been in business, to created a marketing plan, at least, every three to five years to revive newer ideas, so that your company continue to grow and be ahead constant changes that happen each year. Since the second phases of creating this marketing plan, we realized this is a great opportunity to revamp our business, due to rapid growth in new techniques in replacement has expanded tremendously. This marketing plan will give the reader a clear understanding on how we will relaunch Tracy’s Custom Wigs & Hairpieces to the next level. Branding, Pricing, and Distribution In the hair replacement business, branding is a platform to catch a customer eyes and ears. Our branding is our slogan/tagline: “Tailored Especially for You”, this gives our customer a special feeling that we only focus on her or him. When customizing a wig or hairpiece for a client, we do just that, in making sure that their hair unit is created for them a perfect fit. However, we also realized that everyone who may suffer from hair cannot afford a custom hair units. Pricing comes into play; we want everyone to be able to buy our products, so we created a hair blend unit 's non-custom product line that very affordable. This product line is called, “

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