Marketing Plan For Travelers Insurance

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Marketing Slogan: Travelers Insurance proudly uses the phrase “Travelers. In-Synch.” The use of the phrase In- Synch signifies their ability as a company to present insurance solutions that stay in-synch with their clients ever-changing life. In 2006, Travelers released one of their most popular advertisements referred to as, Snowball. The commercial presents a man walking down a hill, and then falling causing him to roll at a fast pace collecting everything in his path; people, cars, objects etc. When the “snowball” finally collapses, leaving the members disheveled and confused, a voiceover states “When your insurance is in synch, you can roll with anything. Travelers”. This advertisement leaves customers with trust and confidence that Travelers can handle life’s common issues with ease. Mascot: Travelers insurance is widely known and acknowledged for the red umbrella The oversized red umbrella is their mascot, their logo, their trademark, its how the public eye recognizes Travelers. It symbolizes safety, shelter, and coverage from life’s worries. In 1964, Travelers executive stated, “It illustrates the concept of protection, it is friendly, it is warm, and it is very merchandisable." Back in 1998, Travelers unfortunately decided to merge with Citigroup. Once the company became independent in 2002, they had left behind their trademark. Without the red umbrella, the insurance company faced brand awareness issues, and had to get creative with their marketing

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