Marketing Plan For Virtual Indian Grocery Store

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ENGM 640 Business Strategy Strategic plan For Virtual Indian Grocery Store in USA By Subhakar Yarlagadda Executive Summary is concentrated on online Indian grocery retail business. It plans to connect human beings of Indian foundation with distributors. is an online portal available 24 X 7 to the net friendly clients or customers. It’s far a virtual on-line market place facilitating smooth shopping for and promoting of groceries. aims to tap the developing Indian purchaser items marketplace. plans to begin with its warehouses in six foremost cities from all guidelines covers whole united…show more content…
Table of Contents 1. Company Information 4 Vision 4 Mission 4 Objectives 4 Values 4 2. Business Model 5 Categories 5 Business Process 5 Revenue Model 6 3. Operations 7 Operations Model 7 Time slots for delivery 8 How we controlled our inventory 8 Transportation cost 9 4. Competitor Analysis 10 5. Marketing Strategy 10 Situational Analysis 11 Our Offerings 11 Market Segmentation 12 Advantage relative to competition 13 Advertisement Strategy 13 6. Financials 14 Capital Estimation 14 Exit Strategy 17 1. Company Information is targeted on online grocery retail enterprise. It plans to connect customers of Indian origin with vendors. is a web portal to be had 24 X 7 to the net clients. It’s far a digital online market location facilitating smooth buying and promoting of groceries. aims to faucet the developing Indian consumer items market. plans to begin with its presence in six principal towns from all directions covers whole United States of America namely New York, Denver, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and Minneapolis then growth its local base to more towns in USA. Vision is an e-commerce new firm with restricted resources but it align all

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