Marketing Plan For Wal Mart Essay

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Target is a general merchandise store and discount retailer that is considered to be the second largest retailer in the U.S after Wal-Mart. Target founded in 1902 by George Dayton and the first Target store was opened in Minnesota, USA in 1962. The headquarter is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and manage more than 1700 stores in the united states as of 2015. Target created its brand name in 1970 as the most profitable division of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation ; it started in 1980 the plan to expand nationwide, and in 1990s Target created what is considered as a new store formats. One of Target keys to success was its low price, high quality products among other retailers. In 2000 the company got its name The company got the name Target in 2000. While Target failed to enter the Canadian market due to a security and price issues, the company had a huge success in the United States. The design that was adapted by Target would differentiate the brand from other competitors. The design includes the typical store Target, SuperTarget, and other format named CityTarget and TargetExpress. While Wal-Mart depends on providing a low price goods, Target on the other hand relies on the needs of the younger customers. Among others Wal-Mart is one of the biggest competitor to Target. Target Corporation was able to differentiate its business from competitors by ensuring to its customers to offer a better quality goods with a reasonable low price. According to Douglas J. Dayton, Target

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