Marketing Plan For Wal Mart Essay

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Bustillo (2010) gives a background on how Walmart commenced operations in 1962 as a local discount store in Rogers, Arkansas. Furthermore, how it was originated by Sam Walton who successfully ran a retail store called Walton’s Five and Dime, an extension of a franchise store called Ben Franklin. Then after five years, Mr. Walton completed 24 stores across Arkansas with annual sales of $12.6 million. In 1968, Walmart expanded outside the state to Missouri and Oklahoma. In October 31, 1969, Wal-Mart was incorporated as Walmart Stores, Inc. Bustillo (2010) further explains that in the next year, the retailer consisted of 38 stores with 1,500 employees with sales totaling over $44 million. Walmart became public trading company on NYSE with a stock split the following year at $47 per share. By 1975, sales totaled just over $340 million and growing rapidly. The store celebrated its 25th anniversary in the 1980s, highlighting its sales of $16 billion and 200,000 employees. Walmart invested $24 million for new technology of a satellite network to track inventory and sales to its corporate office in Bentonville, Arkansas. This gave a great competitive edge as they developed its first super store which opened in Washington, Missouri. By late 1990s, the store expanded operations to overseas. In the UK, Walmart purchased ASDA retailer for $10 billion. In 2000, Walmart sales grew to $165 billion. Two years later, it was listed as Americas largest corporation by the Fortune

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