Marketing Plan For Whole Foods Market Essay

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Target Customers:
Whole foods Market targets people who are more interested in consuming high quality organic foods and living a healthy lifestyle. They want natural and organic foods and are willing to pay higher prices for that. They live in urban areas and are comparatively wealthy. Whole foods Market provides a lot of options for them and a memorable consumer experience when they shop for food. It makes sure to attract these people. In addition to this, to target average consumers it has introduced 365 everyday value offering products at reduced prices.
Fairway targets all the urban class people. Though it does offer organic foods, it doesn’t specialize in that niche. It doesn’t employ knowledgeable employees who can increase the sales of the organic foods it offers.

Whole Foods Market advertises itself as “America’s Healthiest Store” and has maintained that reputation for several years now. It also launched its first multichannel National Brand campaign with the slogan “Values Matter” to highlight the quality of their foods. To boost its advertising strategy, it collaborated with GSD & M and placed its products in TV shows like “Modern Family” and during the World Series and NFL football too. In addition to this it runs ads in most of the Lifestyle, Food and Health magazines (paper and online). Also, product samples are displayed throughout their stores.
Its social media strategy propagates across 6 different social platforms including Twitter, Facebook,
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