Marketing Plan For Woody Point Festival

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Over the last several years the Writers at Woody Point Festival has expanded. Discussions from the board of directors meeting held in the last week of January 2011 highlighted the need, in light of this expansion, to develop a marketing plan that can guide the event for the next three to five years. The festival could provide long-term economic sustainability for Woody Point and the other nearby communities. With this in mind this report will propose a marketing plan and propose marketing communications recommendations.


Since its first event in 2004 the Woody Point Festival has offered authors and fans an opportunity to fully experience the art of the written word. Daily attendance to the festival has been estimated at 150 to 200 visitors. The festival draws in visitors from the local area, provincial area, and out-of province tourism.
In recent years the growth of the festival’s attendance has created a problem for many visitors in their ability to find lodging. Resulting in many having to stay in motels and/or bed and breakfasts as far as 60 kilometres away. Readings and musical events sell out within hours after tickets go on sale. Additional readings have been added, but the demand still exceeds the supply.
As the market changes over time it is critical to ensure updating offering as changes occur to properly adjust course offering to meet the needs of the students as time passes. With this goal in mind this proposal has developed will

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