Marketing Plan For Your Favorite Cup

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The following marketing plan for Your Favorite Cup, was created using the template provided by Iowa Central Community College. Every business needs to have a marketing strategy and this includes Your Favorite Cup because Your Favorite Cup has expanded as much as it can in its current market it needs to branch out more. Five-Year Marketing Plan Your Favorite Cup Executive Summary This five-year marketing plan for Your Favorite Cup has been created by its founder to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s status and direction. Although Your Favorite Cup was launched only five yeas ago, the company has experienced greater than anticipated demand for coffee that cater to individual communities. Your…show more content…
Each stores its own unique atmosphere. “Coffee shops are the largest growing niche in restaurant business”. (Goldschein, 2011) The original store is in the heart of the city with an urban chic feeling, using a converted warehouse as its backdrop. It provides ample private space to conduct business meetings, high speed WiFi, printing service for a small fee and small catering service to provide refreshments for business meetings. The second store is located on fraternity/sorority row, integrating itself deep into college campus life. It provides a place for college students to conduct schoolwork and group study. It has lightning fast WiFi and an abundance of laptop charging stations. The third store is in deep suburbia, catering to family and home life. This store has a children’s play area and it set up to look like a living room. This store also boasts a variety of child friendly drink options. Your Favorite Cup is committed to provide a high quality cup of coffee with tailored atmosphere to the community it integrates into. This plan will outline how Your Favorite Cup intends to introduce new products, enter new markets, and integrate newer emerging technology not only to the company but to its customers as well. Your Favorite Cup’s mission Your Favorite Cup’s mission is to provide great coffee in a laid back comfortable atmosphere. We want our coffee shops to be more than just a place to get great coffee. We want you to
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