Marketing Plan For Your Favorite Cup

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The following marketing plan for Your Favorite Cup, was created using the template provided by Iowa Central Community College. Every business needs to have a marketing strategy and this includes Your Favorite Cup because Your Favorite Cup has expanded as much as it can in its current market it needs to branch out more.
Five-Year Marketing Plan Your Favorite Cup
Executive Summary
This five-year marketing plan for Your Favorite Cup has been created by its founder to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s status and direction. Although Your Favorite Cup was launched only five yeas ago, the company has experienced greater than anticipated demand for coffee that cater to individual communities. Your Favorite Cup plans to explore other venues and how continue their growth within the coffee market. Your Favorite Cup hopes that over the next five-years it can increase its customer base while continuing to provide high quality, affordable coffee. It would also like to expand its product line to other wares such as mugs and special blend coffees packaged for home brew. (Sample Marketing Plan, n.d.)
Company Description
Your Favorite Cup is a small company that started five years ago by Christin Kaminski. Christin has an undergraduate degree in management and a deep love for coffee. Wanting to provide a different atmosphere than her competitors, she started Your Favorite Cup. In five years, Christin has been able to open three distinctly…
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