Marketing Plan (Funeral Home)

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Marketing Plan
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It starts off with a competition analysis. This gives a good background on the competition of the industry. It goes into detail about key points in the competition at a national level and also at a local level dealing with our own personal competition. The plan conducts a SWOT analysis in detail about how our business matches up with its competition. The SWOT analysis takes me into our business relationships. It goes through the importance of alliances and our relationships with other businesses. Next is our target market. This gives a good description of who we are targeting for our business and who we aren't so much. After the target market, it guides you through our marketing strategy.
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It has become a problem since their loved ones are buried at a location far away from their current residence. Although performing a disinterment, the act of digging up a grave to move it to another location, isn't out of the question, they are expensive and an inconvenience. In cremation cases, the remains are typically in an urn which can be transported at ease.
There is no doubt that cremations are hurting this industry as a whole, but on a smaller scale, the strengths and weaknesses of my local competition are quite significant. Being in a rural area there is not a wide array of competition. However, the competition that you do have is very tight. Slayback Funeral Home, presently located in Bellefontaine, Ohio, has been around for over 75 years. The community has grown very loyal to their business and has a great amount of respect for it. Being a second generation funeral director, it is safe to say that the name has been around and has been trusted for a number of years. The owner and his employees are familiar with the community and are very involved. Along with the owner, who is well respected, there are four other funeral directors there that are also community supporters and supported by the people. Although their funeral home has some strong strengths, their weaknesses create a huge opportunity for my firm to come in and do very well. Mr. Slayback, the owner of the competing firm, is coming very close to retiring

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