Marketing Plan Juan Valdez

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1. Opportunity. 2.1 Location. 2.2 Objectives.

2. Strategic Marketing 3.3 Segmentation criteria. 3.4 Customer. 3.5 Market segment or niche. 3.6 Competition. 3.7 Legal Aspects. 3.8 Product Positioning.

3. Tactical Marketing.
3.1 Product.
3.2 Price.
3.3 Distribution.
3.4 Communication.

4. Action control. 5.9 Financial Results. 5.10 Programming.


1.1 Location.
1.1.1 Define the reason of marketing plan.

the object or situation for which we made this marketing plan is first to meet an academic requirement and the effect of developing expertise in formulating marketing plans, and as a result of this marketing plan will inevitably improve our
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There’s not clear information about how coffee arrived in Colombia. The historic archive says that the Jesuits brought the seeds around 1730. The tradition says that the seeds arrived threw the east of the country, and the harvest where registries in Giron, Santander and Muzo, Boyacá. In 1835 the first commercial production produced 2560 bags and they were exported from Cucuta’s custom. Then the coffee extended to the center and west of the country in the departments of Cundinamarca, Antioquia and the zone of old Caldas. The consolidation of coffee as a product for exportation was from the second half of XIX century. The great expansion of the world economy in that period made that the Colombian peasants find an attractive opportunities in the International market. Between the end of 70s of the XIX century and the start of the XX century the annual production of coffee passed from 60.000 bags to 600.000 bags, this was made in the main big farms of the departments of Santander and Cundinamarca, having at the end of XIX century, 80 percent of the total coffee national production. There was a decline in the international prices in the first years of the XX century; this made a big change in the Colombian coffee cultivation. It can be concluded that in the period between

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