Marketing Plan: Leinenkugel Brewing Company

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I Executive Summary In the current beer industry not many companies are incorporating the winter extreme sports scene into their marketing plans. Skiing and snowboarding attract a vast number of people every winter and tapping into the winter extreme sports market may be beneficial for Leinenkugel as well as Colonial Wholesale Beverage. Therefore, Leinenkugel will offer a winter promotion entitled the Winter Wonderland Getaway that will give consumers the opportunity to win prizes, go on vacation, and drink delicious beer. Codes will be included inside all Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown cases that may be redeemed online for chances to win weekly giveaways. Also, special codes will be scattered across our region that entitle consumers…show more content…
Although these two popular beer companies seem to have a competitive edge on the craft beer market, there are some things that they lack that Leinenkugel can exploit. Samuel Adams only distributes their product in bottles and not in cans. This type of standardized packaging can sometimes hurt a company’s overall sales because some consumers only like to drink beer out of cans.

2. Economic Forces. While the country has been in a recession for a few years, there are finally signs of moving out of it. Spending has been increasing significantly and unemployment is at its lowest since the recession began. This is great news for Leinenkugel because beer is a commodity that is bought for pleasure and having a good time. With people able to have some extra money in their pocket, they can look forward to going out to bars or partying more which will help increase sales for us.

3. Political Forces. The political forces affect the beer industry to a large extent. The rates of the beer in various parts of the country are affected by the taxes and duties applied by the Government. The political forces also affect the pricing of the beer by lowering the duties or deregulating the distribution channel. This leads to lower margins for the distribution channel partners. Leinenkugel will need to set up a distributor in the New England area to effectively distribute to this area.

4. Legal and Regulatory Forces. Unfortunately,

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