Marketing Plan Lush Cosmetics Essay

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A year marketing plan to take Lush cosmetics forward



1. Introduction 2.2.1. Lush cosmetics history 2.2.2. Purpose of the marketing plan 2.2. Lush cosmetics mission statement 2.3.3. Lush cosmetics market

2. Situational Analysis
2.1. Current product analysis
2.2. Product description
2.3. Current pricing strategy
2.4. Current products pricing
2.5. Current distribution
2.6. Current promotion

3. Current target market analysis
3.1. Target market approach
3.2. Strategic advantage
3.3. Demographic profile
3.4. Target customers
3.5. Product position map
3.6. Customer attitude
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1.5. Lush Cosmetics Market
Lush is trading in the cosmetics market and offers its customers organic and handmade quality products with no added scientific chemicals and none of the ingredients is tested on animals.
Lush products are popularly known for its strong smell, freshness and its unique shapes and forms like cheese, cake or jelly.
Lush cosmetics believe in equal opportunity for all and therefore employ anyone regardless of the cultural background, Lush trades only with suppliers who do not test products on animals and trade with main suppliers to cut off any intermediary. Lush cosmetics do not have a specific customer base they sell to anyone but most of their customers tend to be young age females.

Lush cosmetics is an ethical company, the company’s philosophy is to protect the environment therefore all their products are not packaged if any the recyclable package is use. Lush also campaign against air pollution and therefore aim to air-freight less than 5% of its raw materials. It has also advised its entire staff not to take any UK mainland domestic flight when on business trips. Lush saves energy by using solar panels to heat water, doing Carbon Trust energy survey to reduce energy consumption and replacing its old machines with more energy efficient ones.

1. Situational Analysis

2.1. Current Products Analysis

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