Marketing Plan MKT 421

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Organizational Overview

Cox Communications is a telecommunications company headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Its parent company, Cox Enterprises Inc, was founded in 1898 by school teacher and three term governor of Ohio James M Cox. With more than 23000 employees in 15 states, Cox provides its 6.7 million subscribers with award winning services. Among them are: video, with high definition, digital video recorder, digital cable, and analog services; high speed broadband data with multiple speed choices; and digital telephone service. (

Current procedures require new subscribers to contact the company to set up new service and schedule an installation. This can be costly to both the company and the subscriber. Customers moving
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Bottom line, Cox Communications must implement new marketing strategies based on flexible pricing options targeting different pricing strategies and programs at different customer sectors based on their needs, requirements, and socioeconomic status. Cox Communications also needs the ability to develop cross-promotional and marketing programs through which premium products and services can be targeted to specific subscriber segments based on actual customer behavior and needs. Establishing the Selective Cable On-line Ordering Plan or SCOOP® will be the first step in the deployment of a service delivery model that allows for a targeted, highly marketable and profitable "pay per use" service model.

Importance of Marketing SCOOP®

The best product or service if unknown to the consumer will never sell and will be unsuccessful. Many factors influence the choices made by a potential customer. Many companies other than Cox offer video, data and telephony services to consumers. Cox Communications must market itself and its products and services to gain the loyalty of subscribers. The selection of a provider for these services is an important decision that is influenced by many variables; the cost of service, the cost of installation, and customer service, to name a few. If the subscriber calls to start new service and is placed on hold for an extended period of time they are likely to hang up and call another provider, if the cost
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