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Team C Product – Safety Step University of Phoenix MKT/421 Robin Reis March 29, 2010 Organizational overview Ames is a leader in North America and is known for its quality non-powered garden and lawn products. Ames was founded in 1774 by Captain John Ames. During most of the company’s past 230 years of service the company produced only shovels and controlled 60% of the U.S. market share (n.d.). Over the past three decades Ames has purchased several companies to widen its market share to include quality non-powered lawn and garden products. In 1991 Ames acquired the Garant Company a Canadian company and in 1997 purchased Woodings-Verona and IXL. Over the next decade the shovel giant continued to purchase various companies in…show more content…
SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Highest quality of products Safety step can be looked upon as seasonal item Uses a new type of technologies’ Competitors can alter Safety Step Provides safety steps for pedestrians as they move on surface Costly to hold inventory in warehouses Customer service personal commitment Increases production; therefore, increases in production causing prices to increase Versatile can be used in landscaping Can be ordered 24hours online Strengths The uniqueness in the marketplace comes from the vision, mission, and values of Ames. We are well known worldwide and earn the trust of many customers and deliver the highest quality of products and services to our customers. Pedestrians walk with confidence and safety. Unique colors and costume features attract versatility. Weakness The Safety Step may be looked upon as only a seasonal item. Incremental weather only; therefore, overlooking the fact that the Safety Step technology design provides efficiency, safe comfort, and in all kinds of weather. Opportunities The unique colors and custom attachments provide a wide range of surfaces uses. The technologies that Safety Steps requires extra workers; therefore, providing new jobs. Ordering on telephone has direct access to talk with customer

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