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Executive Summary:     
Youth, timeless beauty and the pursuit of perfection seem to be on the forefront of everyone’s agenda. From television portraying reality shows such as “Extreme Makeover” and fictional dramas such as “Nip and Tuck”, it is no wonder Americans are obsessed with finding the ultimate secret to looking flawless. The beauty industry is a 40 billion dollar enterprise,
(News Target, 2005) dedicated to helping women look their best so it is no wonder companies such as Nivea is re-evaluating their posture in the U.S. market, positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing interest in cosmetic remedies to turning back the clock.
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     “Eucerit, a discovery originally destined for medical applications, was now used in an innovative cosmetic cream – the world’s first long-lasting moisturizer: Nivea Cream. Thanks to its consistency, the cream was pure white and the name NIVEA is actually derived from the Latin term nix/nivis, meaning snow. The formula has proven itself for over 90 years, remaining unique and unparalleled in both performance and consumer acceptance to this day”, (Beiersdorf AG,).
Mission Statement:
Nivea believes in developing innovative skincare products designed to help individuals obtain a healthy, youthful and non-surgical method of skin perfection. Our products must be superior in quality, affordability and availability. We believe that creating radiant skin through topical agents will help many people grasp their full potential and generate unparalleled self-esteem without evasive surgical procedures.
You are never too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. In fact, skin care and protection should be an essential part of your health, fitness, and beauty regime. If you take care of your skin, your skin will take care of you! However, with all of the lotions, creams, and potions on the market, it can be difficult to know which product will work for you. Many products claim to remove wrinkles or heal dry skin. Others

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