Marketing Plan Of Mitsui Travel

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Mitsui Travel is an independent and privately owned full service travel agency, which specialized in assisting customers who are planning to travel to Japan (Mitsui Travel 2014). Located in Sydney since 1977; Mitsui offers variety of Japan-related pre-planned tour packages, ski packages, rail pass, and accommodation. However, the major aspect of Mitsui’s service lies on its flexibility and expertise in terms of building a personalized itinerary for individual and family who plan to travel to Japan (Mitsui Travel 2014).
The travel agency industry- where Mitsui operates in- has been dramatically changed due to the significant rise of online tourism (Dixit et al. 2006). The advancement of Internet has resulted in a rapid rise of direct bookings and reservations aided by the invention of specialist software and GDS sites (Bergin-Seers et al. 2006). Consequently, this phenomenon gave rise to the significance of electronic-marketing (E-marketing) for travel agencies around the world. With a clear E-Marketing plan, any travel agent- including Mitsui- can better integrates Internet into their traditional business method. Hence, the purpose of this report is to establish an E-Marketing plan for Mitsui which focused on Japan as the primary travel destinations.
Situation Analysis
Environmental Analysis
With regards to legal environment, the major issues that arose for online travel retailer is the closure of licensing and Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) requirement as
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