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1. Executive Summary__________________________________ p.3 2. Background ________________________________________ p.4 3. Secondary Research_________________________________ p.4 4. Qualitative Research_________________________________ p.6 5. Recommendations___________________________________ p.8

1. Executive Summary

This research reports on the New Zealand organic beverage industry and investigates the current market situation and the purchasers’ beliefs, attitudes and preferences that are driving its growth.

Secondary Research

The secondary research section uncovered statistical facts, such as the size of the domestic organic market – that is valued at $40 million
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2. Objective 1: To find the size of the New Zealand organic beverage industry in terms of the financial value of the market and its customer numbers.

BIO-GRO, a New Zealand Certifier of organic beverages, reported the New Zealand organic sector is enjoying significant growth, with current exports of organic products from New Zealand valued at $60 million and the domestic organic market valued at $40 million (Cork, 2001).

In terms of customer base, according to Coriolis Research (2001), 20% - 30% of New Zealanders eat a diet that is 80% organic. This is a large market of around 846,648 people (20% New Zealand’s population) that would be inclined to purchase organic beverages in New Zealand (Statistics New Zealand, 2007).

3. Objective 2: To find out the percentage of growth rates in the New Zealand organic beverage industry within recent years.

The organic food and beverage industry is growing considerably every year, this trend is not restricted to New Zealand; the organic market is the world’s fastest growing category markets at 28% since 2003 (Grocers Review, 2007). More specifically, the ambient juice market (organic juices) grew at 3.8% from June 2006 – June 2007 (Lepionka, 2007)

According to a research report conducted by Coriolis Research (2001), the New Zealand food/organic organic industry has been increasing

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