Marketing Plan Outline for iPhone 5

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The entire world is talking about the phone. Websites and blogs have been developed just to discuss the new hype. Apple owns the iPhone and the public are all familiar with Apple's orientation for technology and design (Kuh, 2012). On the other hand, while the product might be peculiar, the market will always find some negative things and flaws about the product. As much iPhone has been viewed as a sophisticated product, there have been various challenges and the company developed tactics to address these problems. Apple must create a way to enhance the value of the iPhone so that customers may feel satisfied, be willing, and continue to buy the product. The only pressing problem is the iPhone's network provider, network availability, and network agreement between users. This report has focused on key areas of strengthening the product so that it may be acceptable in the new market. The release of the new iPhone has generated significant debates becoming a topic for discussion across world populations. Websites, special forums, and blogs had been designated to discuss this new smart phone (McDonald, 2011).

2.0 Situation analysis
With the assistance of PEST analysis, we can conduct a situation analysis in terms of the future market and the direction of Apple's operations. The PEST analysis consists of…

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