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Executive Summary

Sakae Sushi is a local Japanese restaurant which offers affordable, good quality and healthy Japanese food. Despite the stiff competition, it is currently the market leader. The purpose of this marketing plan is to identify and analyze the current market, future market and possible opportunities to capture a bigger market share which in turn leads to increased profits. Key issues of how they are going to maintain as market leader through the use of new marketing strategies to create brand awareness and increase brand equity will be discussed in this report.

Sakae Sushi is the flagship brand of Apex-Pal International Ltd and is the largest local chain of Japanese restaurants. The segments they are targeting now are
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From Appendix B, we can see that Sakae Sushi is growing at 2.7 times faster than its competitor. Their retail chain outlets are in the Cash Cow as it is generating 70% of the revenue. Take-away and delivery service are in the Star Category which can be nurtured to be Cash Cow.

Franchising is one opportunity in the Question Mark. This will help to gain a bigger market share, thus affirming its strong presence in the Japanese food industry. However, investors who might be interested to apply for the franchise might be intimidated with the saturated and competitive Japanese food industry.

2.1.2. Market Analysis
Eating out has become the norm, as the society becomes richer, together with a higher standard of living and spending power. An increased level of education has make people more health conscious. The high frequency of dining out is also due to an increased amount of socialising. This generally applies to Generation Y and the Echo Boomers who comprises mainly of tertiary students to young working adults which are the segments that Sakae is targeting. Refer to Appendix C.

The growth of kaiten (conveyor belt) restaurants can be credited to localisation of sushi (Ng, 2001). Eating at kaiten restaurant has become a social culture whereby it provides a place for people to come together in a different cultural setting.

There is a rising trend on demands for convenience, promptness and healthy food. To achieve this, technology has been used to

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