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10-Year Marketing Plan Battery-Less Hearing Aid Executive Summary Hard of Hearing patients need something that will suit there financial goals in the long run, be less of a hassle to worry about and enhance their hearing all at the same time. We propose in creating a Battery-Less-Hearing Aid and believe that it is the best option to go because Hard of Hearing patients will never have to worry about recharging batteries or buying new ones all the time like you do with our current hearing aids that are available in today's society. On top of that our patients would save money at the same time by never having to buy batteries and will still able to hear just like they would with a hearing aid that is battery operated. Through…show more content…
4. To update and make changes to our hearing device at least every two years to ensure that we provide the best quality hearing device to our consumers and keep them satisfied. 5. To establish connection world-wide and make the battery-less hearing aid available all around the world. · Financial Goals 1. To double our profit each year for the next 10 years and then minimize our losses to keep the business running for the remaining years that we are still in business. 2. To have a public stock offering by the year of 2006. 3. To sell our product at a high rate and low cost to maximize our profits. Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage In terms of core competency, Battery-Less Hearing Aid will achieve a unique ability (1) to provide high-quality cutting edge hearing devices that will suit to the taste of our consumers and provide them with a new feel of hearing in our society and (2) to be able to deliver our product adequately to the consumer on their demand to keep them satisfied and maintain a friendly relationship with our consumers to further attract other consumers to use our device because of our quality, friendliness, promptness and furthermore keep our image and standers at a high quality. In order to translate these core competencies into sustainable competitive advantages our company will work very closely with

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