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Marketing Plan Current Market Situation

An opportunity for Western Slopes's success exists because the national tourism and travel industry is growing 4% and adventure travel 10% annually. According to the Department of Commerce, the US travel and tourism industry is the nation's third largest retail industry and will be number one by the year 2000. Revenues from travel have increased approximately 100% in the last decade with US travel agencies producing over $100 billion in revenues each year. The travel and tourism market is separated into two main categories, business and leisure travel. Each contribute about 45% to total revenues. Adventure travel falls primarily under the leisure travel category. Revenues from leisure travel
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Deregulation has increased competition and the need for differentiation. In many cases, the prices of airfare and other travel-related services has dropped. Additional trends include caps on agency commissions by many of the larger airlines, and increases in adventure travel.

Despite the overall increase in competition, at the same time there is a lack of competition coming from other companies solely offering ski packages. Especially packages concentrating on the five major ski resorts that Western Slopes works with. Western Slopes is planning to take advantage of this growth and lack of competition with an experienced staff, excellent location, and effective management and marketing. Western Slopes will provide a specialized and therefore differentiated service. Prices will be competitive with the remainder of the market.

Adventure travel is a sub-category of leisure travel and can be further broken down into hard and soft adventure travel. Both hard and soft adventures involve physical, athletic activities. Adventure travel activities are a specialized product, and first-hand knowledge of these activities is necessary in order to effectively promote and sell them. Many potential customers are unsure of the location they wish to reach. Part of the value associated with Western Slopes is the knowledge we possess about destinations. Customers look to the agency to provide them with sound advice for a competitive price. Western
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