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Monique Scott 1.0 Executive Summary Nike is planning to introduce a new model of it’s Nike ID Plus, which will be called Nike ID Silver. The original product only calibrated with an ipod when syncing songs and only calculated how many miles ran, and how many calories burned. With the new Nike ID Silver, consumers will be able to sync with any MP3 player ( each sync piece sold separately), can be streamed wirelessly to a PC or MAC, will calculate how many calories burned, how many miles ran, your heart rate is monitored every 3 minutes of activity, weight can be calculated before and after activity, and blood pressure can be monitored( silicon strip sold separately) With the chip it will also recommend orthotics if needed, and all of…show more content…
Factory and labor conditions. One of Nike’s weaknesses is that they fail to see problems in relation to their labor and factory conditions. For example, in 1996 Nike was exposed for child labor in Pakistan. This led to numerous bad publicity incidents, which hurt the company in sales. Many people began to boycott their product. [“Nike Admits Poor Labor Practice by OEM] 2. Higher Price Points. Another issue is that Nike has such a high price point compared to its competitors, that they must then rely more on the quality of the product, in which they have been successful at doing. ! Monique Scott 3.Too much expansion.The last problem that I’ve noticed, is that they are expanding into different markets. Some of these markets are not well suited for the company since they started off with sneakers and try making footballs and such. This expands production cost and may be more trouble than it is worth. Opportunities 1. Broaden product line. Nike's main opportunity exists in its ability to continue to broaden its product line into areas of growth. It seems that the clothing line offers the greatest potential for growth in the future. Simply continuing to emphasize athletic shoes would only limit Nike's ability to increase the size and scope of the market that it can sell to. 2. Brand Loyalty. Another opportunity for Nike exists because of their high level of brand loyalty. The Nike name and distinctive

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