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Running head: MARKETING PLAN 1 Marketing Plan Proposal – Vicki’s Pet Care Services Galore Vicki VanDreel Ottawa University MARKETING PLAN 2 Marketing Plan Proposal-Rationale The student writer is offering a marketing plan involving a new for profit Pet Care service. From late 2006 to 2009 I began a private consulting business so there is some inherent experience with the administrative set up of a private business. While unplanned, I quickly learned how to…show more content…
There is one national website that provides linkage to the applicable type of service however the targeted geographical area does not list a service provider for this targeted area. The closest is 25 to 40 miles away. A close friend of mine who lives 13 miles away has a pet sitter who provides limited services to just one area; Sun City West which is a five mile radius and she also maintains a full time job. MARKETING PLAN 4 METRICS - Vicki’s Pet Services Galore The Goals and Objectives for starting my new business named: “Vicki’s Pet Care Services Galore” include: Commence a new and successful Pet Services business within the next twelve months. The success will be statistically measured by setting forth and tracking the following objectives: 1) Gain ten (10) new customers every thirty (30) days; 2) Set and maintain a 90% (or more) customer satisfaction rating every ninety days from the verbal and written surveys received; 3) Retain at least fifty percent of original customer base for continued and planned future services. 4) A net profit of $2,000 (or more) per month for the first three months and an additional $1,000 (or more) every 3 months thereafter. 5) I have set an advertising goal of 2 to 4 hours per week in order to elicit new customers and maintain efforts to get the word

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