Marketing Plan Phase 1

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Running head: Marketing Plan – Phase I Paper

Sony Electronics – SONO Stick

University of Phoenix

MKT/421 – Marketing
Facilitator: Chris Ross
April 23, 2007
Sony Electronics – SONO Stick
The introduction of any new product can be and intense process for any company. The Sony organization is a large world wide corporation that since its inception has proven to work towards electronics innovation. The new product that Sony is reviewing is the Sono-stick and prior to the development of this product several items will be reviewed; the overview of existing organization, a description of the product, the importance of marketing, SWOT analysis and the market research approach. The full marketing plan for this
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An organization that knows not only its target market but has also researched the best way to market the products to this target market. This will ensure the products are known and purchased. This helps the company to increase revenue and also to obtain funds for future product development and marketing strategies.
SWOTT Analysis The Sono-Stick’s strengths are to replace the current CD-Stereos we have in our vehicles. Rather than a CD player, it would read storable static memory cards, like the ones in cameras and cell phone. Currently consumers are carrying around cables and external speakers because they can 't find the needed connections. The Sono-Stick would solve that problem with its small size and fast data transfer speed. The Sono-Stick’s weaknesses may be the size. It can easily be misplaced. The Sono-Stick’s opportunities will alleviate current connections to IPod 's and other MP3 players to stereos, that require a cord and will only work on certain stereos. This Sono-Stick is like the "thumb-drive" or USB-drive currently used for data storage, but would have a different connector and would act as a keychain. Since there are no moving parts, the stereo can be any shape or size, needing only a display for the driver and passenger interface. Consumers can load their favorite mix of 1000 songs where ever they go, rather than have a box of CD 's, or worry that a

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