Marketing Plan Phase 4

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Marketing Plan Phase IV Xxxxx MKT/421 January 15, 2012 Donald “Skip” Gregory Marketing Plan Phase IV (Online Marketing Trends, 2011). The Brass Tacks * Price: $24 Billion in annual revenue * Place: 33,000 local restaurants, 119 Worldwide with around 80% independently owned * Promotion: Internet, television, radio, newspaper, magazines * Product: Food and beverages McDonald’s mission is, “To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat” (McDonald’s Inc., 2012). Since 1955 McDonald’s have been building a multinational and multicultural international business that satisfies customer’s Worldwide (McDonald’s Inc., 2012). McDonald 's is the leading global food service retailer with more than 64 million people…show more content…
A supplier with a proven record for customer satisfaction can offer McDonald’s the competitive advantage with the new burger option. Aligning the flavor, texture, and price for the veggie burger, along with a proven brand name will be the best way for McDonald’s to gain the customer support needed to make the burger a success. McDonald’s uses the same beef patties in the hamburgers to make the wraps they offer to customers. The same technique can be applied to the veggie burger patty to make veggie wraps with more substance than just lettuce, tomato, and cheese in a tortilla. This would be a way to expand on the uses of the veggie patty without incurring any extra cost to the restaurant. Customers will have more options for the veggie choice and can lower carbohydrate intake. Guarantees are not likely to come with the introduction of a product like the veggie burger. The idea of flavorless cardboard patties springs to mind when thinking of burgers. Appealing to existing customers or enough new customers to make the veggie burger a success is an obstacle McDonald’s will have to overcome before starting such a venture. Polling customers with a vegetarian diet and offering taste tests can help with the risk. Also creating a sample menu option for a test-run can help build appeal for the veggie burger. The biggest threat will be keeping the prices right and the quality good. Veggie burgers are available at

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