Marketing Plan: Power Shirts Essay

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Marketing Plan

Powershirts is a potential e-tailing partner for a clothing manufacturer located in Guadalajara, Mexico. The information we were given about Powershirts and the manufacturer is very limited, and we had no direct contact with management. The manufacturer has sold shirts in the Mexican market and has also sold men’s slacks in the United States under a label undisclosed to us. They can produce shirts in any color; sleeve length, weight, and can add a logo to their products. While we do not have specifics regarding plant capacity, financial resources, or cost information, we have been told they have sufficient capacity and financial reserves
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They would act as intermediaries between Powershirts and the final customer, but may cut into some of the profit that Powershirts hopes to make. The B-to-C customers would include the clients mentioned above: businesses, schools, hospitals, sports teams, and non-profit organizations. These customers could be reached by catalog or by the web site that Powershirts would develop. Individuals searching out this type of product or simply surfing the web would also be potential clients.

There is one action Powershirts must take to enter this market, which is to attend trade shows related to the ad specialty/clothing market. As students, we have been unable
To obtain much of the key information that would available to a business at a show, such as competitors wholesale pricing. There are many trade shows that Powershirts can attend and an easy way to find out about them. is an excellent source on the web, which allows the user to search for trade shows by their specific industry. It lists trade shows by region and shows many events in Mexico. Also, Powershirts could attend trade shows in the Southwest of the United States. To register for these shows or find out any detailed information, the user must enter a business license and give Business contact information.
There could be many benefits to entering this market through attending trade shows.
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