Marketing Plan Preparation For Extreme Dents Pty Ltd

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Marketing Plan Preparation for Extreme Dents Pty Ltd (Victoria, Australia) ? Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Division
Assignment topic
Task is to prepare information that may be used for a marketing plan.?
Identify one product / service from your own business or from another business with which you are familiar. ?
Write a report about the selected product / service.?? In your report you should include:
Current marketing situation with background data on the market, product, competition, and distribution.? Keep this discussion brief.
Market analysis through a SWOT analysis.? Make sure to discuss the SWOT analysis adequately.
Objectives with goals for sales volume, market share and profit.? These goals should be realistic but may have to be somewhat hypothetical because of lack of time and absence of market research to provide better ones.
Marketing strategy with details of the 4Ps (i.e. Product, Place, Price, Promotion) and with justifications based on the above.
A brief discussion of the Integrated Marketing Communication issues which impact on competitiveness.? These issues should be discussed from an implementation point of view. ?
Because this is a short assignment, be careful to use your word limit wisely.?? There is no need to focus on the details of action plans, projected profit and loss figures and controls (although these are important in the real world, of course).
Note:? In a real world marketing plan it is unlikely that you would use referencing.? While you might
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