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Qdoba Mexican Grill Qdoba Mexican Grill Final Paper/Portfolio Final Paper/Portfolio BAUD 3467 Group Members: Halie Westphal John/Mark Halstead Jessica Ratke Nate Sullivan Amanda Bergstrom BAUD 3467 Group Members: Halie Westphal John/Mark Halstead Jessica Ratke Nate Sullivan Amanda Bergstrom Executive Summary “A place where we appreciate tradition, but are not bound by it. A place where creativity and experimentation thrive. A place where fresh ingredients are prepared and hand crafted into delicious meals right before your eyes. At Qdoba, we believe perfection is achieved through skilled cooks, an open grill, and a friendly atmosphere.”—Qdoba’s Mission Statement. Qdoba is starting to expand…show more content…
Generally our target market includes people with busy lives who need convenient meals, but don’t want to give up good quality when looking for convenience. Qdoba generally serves dual-income families with time restricting schedules as well as serving a wide spread of generations. It is typical to see grandparents, parents, and children all coming in together. Qdoba has many competitive factors that come into play. Being a ‘fast casual’ (meaning sit down food at a fast pace) restaurant is a huge competitive advantage among other Mexican restaurants. Another thing that puts Qdoba ahead of other restaurants is that it offers a wide variety of sauces and salsa’s made at different heats. Another competitive factor associated with Qdoba and other Mexican food chains is buying real-estate. Every Mexican food chain wants to be in that ‘prime spot’; a place with not much competition and a lot of people. For example right now, the owner of the Bemidji Qdoba is looking to open another store in Duluth, MN. Not only is land expensive up there, but there is not another Mexican restaurant around the area which makes it possibly a very profitable place to start a store. Qdoba isn’t the only Mexican restaurant to notice this though; right now they are competing with Chipotle to get the best possible location in Duluth where they can maximize their profits. Qdoba's main attraction for consumers is that it

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