Marketing Plan-Rehab Center for the Elderly Essay

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Running Head: MARKETING PLAN REHAB CENTER Marketing Plan for the Elderly Rehabilitation Center 21, May 2013 BA 350 Healthcare Marketing Executive Summary The Center, located in an area with many elderly people, has to have the correct type of marketing for it to be successful. Getting to know the local population and all of the environmental, technological, and social, as well as many others, is a critical element in knowing how to prepare a marketing plan. Utilizing resources properly and evaluating the current and past situation will allow for a better future of The Center as well. This marketing plan lays out all of these factors to show how the next step in how The Center will be moving forward. Situation Analysis…show more content…
In a survey given to residents within a 20 mile radius and age 50 or above, the majority has shown that they are comforted by the option of staying in a housing facility during their rehabilitation. Competitive Market Analysis While other nearby healthcare centers provides rehabilitation services, none provide residential options in addition to their outpatient options. Additionally, the technology used in The Center is the latest available on the market. There have also been additions to the machinery and tools. Upgrades in technology are not the only improvements that have been made; customers wanted to have a more private visit to The Center, so stations have been separated with adjustable walls and curtains. External Market Environment Being a part of an industrial economy with few natural resources to provide for it, The Center depends on the consistency of patients and its resources to survive. The Center focuses on customer satisfaction by listening to the customer and changing the way we operate to better suit them. Another way The Center achieves a high rate of satisfaction is by understanding who the customer is on an individual level. Demographically, the location of The Center is convenient to most people within a 20-mile radius. Also, as stated earlier, the population within this area is aging fairly rapidly. The elderly population has almost doubled over the past 7 years. Machinery is not the only part of the technology
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