Marketing Plan Report

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QUESTIONAIRE FOR MIZI SPORT PROJECT INTERVIEW GROUP 13 SECTION 2 QUESTION SITUATION ANALYSIS 1)What the current advantages of for Mizi Sport compare to other competititors such as Al-ikhsan to remain competitive in market share? 2)In the current market, What are Mizi sport strategies to gain market share? 3) What the vision and mission currently Mizi sports planing to become leader in sport attire product? 4)How can Mizi sports can market their product to target global market as well ? Question Competitive analysis 1)In current market , what the greatest challege for Mizi to compete with others such as Al-ikhsan? 2)How Mizi can know and satisfy customers tastes in this market? 3) Curently, Who are the greatest rival for Mizi sports…show more content…
how they build their their company image to society? What is the brand that can be find in their products? How they collaborate with them? Do each products have warranty? How can they make sure the satisfaction of their customer who consume their products? How can they attract customer to choose their products and services? Place/Distribution: Do their branches located at strategic location? Do you think that all your outlets are situated at strategic locations? Why? How they locate their branches at each location? What is the factor for the location and what is the advantages and speciality of the location? what is the availability of store to customers? Could you please share with us the process and the method of distributions from the start of the shoe making till the products reach end customers? Promotion: What is the plan Mizi Sport in their advertising and promotion? What types of advertising and promotion that has been used in promoting your products? What are the factors that you take into the account in considering your decision on advertising and promotion used. How can they make sure the success of their promotion plan? What is the benefit of promotion plan to their company? Pricing: How they set the price to for each product? How can they make sure the price is reasonable to customers and can compete with other stores? What is the things that are the factors that you take into the account to in
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