Marketing Plan (Retail Store)

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Executive Summary AtoZ Hockey is a retailer of hockey equipment and services in the southwest community of. The prospective opening date is August 1, 2010, just prior to the 2010-11 hockey season. The physical location of the store will be on the southeast corner of. The store intends to serve the southwest communities of. The location provides access from all directions and is less than one kilometer from the 121st Street exit on Highway 26, a newly constructed leg of the ring road system. Intensive market research has conceded this location as ideal due to various demographics, the most prominent being family orientation and socio-economic status. AtoZ encounters competition from larger and more established stores. , the…show more content…
Advertising for given products will be largely provided by suppliers and will occupy central areas next to their corresponding products. Financially, AtoZ expects first-year sales to range between $850,000 and $1 million. AtoZ will require approximately $100,000 in long-term financing, which has been secured at 4.25%. In assessing its current marketing strategies, AtoZ will implement several controls and monitoring strategies to ensure their effectiveness. AtoZ will install a comprehensive customer database which will track customer information, such as name, address, and purchase history. This way, AtoZ can monitor where, specifically, marketing efforts are being directed, as well as where they have not been covering. In addition, AtoZ will maintain a customer relationship management system which will continually assess the customer relationship, as well as track sales, costs, margins, and trends. AtoZ will also implement a similar relationship management system with its suppliers to ensure timely delivery, quality, and innovation. Additionally, AtoZ will develop student loyalty cards for students of King George Elementary. The loyalty cards, when used, will ensure a percentage of sale proceeds will be donated back to the school. In addition, loyalty cards will serve to track the effectiveness of
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