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Running head: SNAP ON HEELS STRATEGIES 1 Snap on Heels Strategies September 11, 2011 Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 3-4 2.0 Situation Analysis 4 2.1 Market Summary4 2.2 SWOT Analysis5-6 2.3 Competition 6-7 2.4 Product 7 2.5 Keys to Success 7-8 2.6 Critical Issues 8 3.0 Marketing Strategy8-9 3.1 Mission 9 3.2 Marketing Objectives10 3.3 Financial Objectives 10 3.4 Target Markets 10 3.5 Positioning 11 3.6 Strategies 11-13 3.7 Marketing Mix 13-14 3.8 Marketing Research 14 4.0 Controls 14-16 4.1 Implementation17 4.2 Marketing Organization17 4.3 Contingency Planning 17-18 5.0 Conclusions 18 1.0 Executive Summary Snap on Heels will…show more content…
* To provide Snap on Heels in all sizes. * Unable to deliver product in reasonable amount time based on quantity sold. (Larger orders may take longer) * Unable to keep a specific style or size stocked for repeat purchase. Opportunities * A chance to enter a market with competitiveness to influence change in designs. * The chance of having investors’ invests into the company to expand and promote business. * A chance to economically subdue revenue due to the newness of the product line. * A chance to develop and set a price that it is not so prevalent based on competition. * To expand every quarterly or semi-quarterly based on demand. Threat * Safety concerns regarding placing and removal the heel from shoe. * Legal concerns due to possible safety issues. * Future competitors from a well-established existing company. * Request to buy idea that has not been patent to date that has a lack of resources to start running business. * Consumer reports or studies questioning safety concerns in regards to replacing and removal heels from shoes. * Will the shoes be a seasonal trend only? * Overly confident about introducing product and consumers reject product. 2.3 Competition Snap on heels are introducing a new market. Snap on heels have a few competitors that have introduced interchangeable shoes. Snap on shoes will be the only brand that a woman can transform her flat dress shoes into sleek

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