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Here 's what I think it should look like. Feel free to put in your own Ideas and thoughts. We need to collaborate on it. This is just one version but it hits all the major points. Our marketing strategy is designed to support our successful entrance into the competitive PDA market. We plan to build brand awareness and image while emphasizing our competitive superiority based on innovation quality, and value. Using all elements of the marketing mix, as well as service and internal marketing, we will educate our targeted segments about the features and benefits of our new PDA and motivate purchases by first-time users as well as PDA owners seeking to trade up. Although television advertising is not affordable under start-up budget…show more content…
POSITIONING Using product differentiation, we are positioning the Sonic PDA as the most versatile, convenient, value-added model for personal and professional Use. We are focusing on the voice recognition system as the main feature differentiating the Sonic PDA from all other competing models, because it provides versatility and convenience. STRATEGY Because of the intensely competitive nature of the market, our most important strategy relates to the need for clear differentiation to position Sonic as the most versatile, convenient, value-added model for personal and professional use. Supporting that positioning, key points to be emphasized include: versatility (the ability to use any Palm-compatible peripheral or software application; the incorporation of /vIP3 music functionality; case wardrobe as a standard feature) convenience (voice recognition software for hands-off operation; wireless e-mail and Web functionality; size and portability) value-added (retail price of about $350; standard features that are only available on competing high-end models or as user-installed options) Marketing Mix We will move toward our marketing and financial objectives using a variety of product, pricing, promotion, and distribution programs. The following sections are a sample of our marketing-mix programs to support the PDA introduction. PRODUCT Our basic PDA model, to be
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