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Marketing Plan Project: Sony Playstation 3 Planned Designed for (Present- End of 2013) MKTG-3103-01 Fall Semester 2012 Submitted to: Richard Brand FVSU Executive Summary This marketing plan is over the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). The Playstation 3 is a six year old video game system, and one of the top 3 gaming consoles along with Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox. Sony Table of Contents Introduction Situational Analysis Internal Environment Key Executives Board of Directors Employees Product External Environment Customers Competitors SWOT Strengths Weakness Opportunity Threats Marketing Objectives Marketing…show more content…
Competition Sony has two major competitors when it comes to game systems and they are Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft has a product called the Xbox 36, while Nintendo has the Wii. Nintendo has centered its game play around motion capture technology by making all of their games centered on motion sense. The Xbox is backwards compatible with its previous Xbox games unlike the PS3 which can turn some customers toward the Xbox. Xbox also has a lower price than their most comparable competitor Sony, with the Xbox costing $150 and lower and the Playstation offered at no lower than $200. Although Nintendo’s game play mechanics are significantly different it also is offered for the cheapest price causing customers to buy more of them. SWOT Analysis Strengths It has a blue-ray player which gives better sound and graphics It has free wifi It doesn't use a points system for downloads so you know exactly how much you are buying something for Free online music streaming (vidzone) It has BBC iplayer It can run linux OS so it can double up as a pc (not on the slim) You can get play TV on it you can connect your psp to your PS3 and remotely access your PS3 Lots of media support such as photos, videos and music. Controllers charged by usb cable. It has an internet browser Weaknesses music playback (for certain games) limited

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