Marketing Plan: Starbucks

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Marketing Plan: Starbucks Revitalizing Teas


A marketing plan for Starbucks Coffee Company for the introduction of a new line of tea to the beverage menu includes a multi faceted approach. Beginning with an organizational overview, and following with the new product description, SWOTT analysis, marketing research, segmentation, differentiation and positioning, product life cycle, the marketing mix, budget, and finally, control mechanisms, the marketing plan comes to life.

Organizational Overview

Founded in 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company’s first location was in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and after 35 years, Starbucks has grown to over 11,500 outlets worldwide serving approximately 40 million customers every week
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These teas are multi-flavored teas and can easily be purchased in retail stores or at any of our Starbucks stores globally. These teas consist of five main flavors, and can be added if successful or as time goes by. The flavors are as follows:

• Twisted Lime Tea

• Rockin’ Raspberry Tea

• Lemon Surprise Tea

• Cool Blueberry Tea

• Invigorating Green Tea

The name that has been chosen as a marketable idea is “Starbucks Revitalizing Teas”. In addition to brewed coffee and espresso beverages, Starbucks shops also serve hot or cold Green Tea and Tazo beverages. These new beverages of different flavored teas should add more value to the company and fulfill the consumers’ need for a variety of flavored teas.

Today, there are many critics of Starbuck’s and a lot of people are saying the globe needs to reduce caffeine consumption or that most budgets are not working because of addictions to Starbuck’s. The firm now has the opportunity to offer many other drinks that are healthy and tasty without getting away from what made the organization great. First it was the coffee, CD’s, and hot spots – now it is time for a new product that will incorporate another favorite drink. Tea – Flavored Tea! The organization has the ability to continue marketing through it existent strategies, while adding new strategies that will strengthen the brand and increase sales.

SWOTT Analysis

A SWOTT, (Strengths,

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