Marketing Plan: Time Warner Cable Essay

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Running head: Marketing Plan – Time Warner Cable

Marketing Plan – Cable – Time Warner Cable
Bonnie Bagby
BUS 620 – Managerial Marketing
Dr. Uchenna Nwabueze
August 30, 2010

The marketing plan for Time Warner Cable reviews the market conditions, including emerging technologies and competitors and provides a marketing plan with focus on maintaining current customers and adding new commercial customers by focusing on cloud offerings, teleconferencing and telemedicine.

Marketing Plan – Time Warner Cable
Executive Summary Time Warner Cable (Time Warner Cable), the second largest cable provider in the United States, continues to face stiff completion from the number one cable company Comcast and satellite pay-for-TV
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The overall cable industry has lost five million customers between 2006 and 2009 to fiber optic and satellite solutions (Yao, 2010, p. E2). Satellite carriers DishNetwork and DirectTV service thirty-three million customers. Both satellite and cable providers have been targeted, by fiber optic providers, like AT&T and Verizon communications. The emerging technology of internet protocol technology (IPTV) is the most recent competitor, targeting the pay-for-TV customer base. Phone companies or telcos have entered the competition using fiber optics and IPTV to allow video streaming. Telephone companies, now called telcos, are spending billions on fiber optic installations to support IPTV technology. The technology will offer remote areas, currently untouched by cablevision, but penetrated by satellite, a pay-for-TV option. GenosTV is currently beta testing IPTV with a planned release date of January, 2011 (Entertainment & Travel, 2010).
While the cable industry certainly has a customer service challenge, satellite providers do not fare well in satisfying customers either. Satellite suppliers DISH Network and Direct TV had fifty-two thousand complaints made to the Better Business Bureau between 2007 and 2010 (The Patriot Ledger, August 7, 2010, p. 24). Customer complaints generally
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