Marketing Plan and Security Solutions

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Marketing Plan Security Solutions Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Stakeholders Analysis 4 Customer Analysis: 4 Competitor Analysis: 4 Company Analysis: 5 Community: 5 III. Branding + Positioning 6 IV. Marketing Mix 6 Product: 6 Price: 7 Place: 7 Promotion: 7 V. Marketing Budget & Implementation Calendar 8 Works Cited 10 Introduction Security Solutions is a growing company who offers small-to-medium (SMEs) sized businesses a plethora of options to manage their internal and external security needs. The company employs roughly twenty five individuals with a range of specialties including technical experts, administrators, sales professionals, business leaders, and accountants. The company began from humble origins that consisted of two partners who began the business in a basement of a rental house. Since that time the company has experienced tremendous growth and become tremendously profitable. The company's strategy has been focused on the local market. Sales representatives for the company could simply make local contacts and attempt to drive sales by conducting face to face sales presentations. However, given the amount of growth the local market has become fairly saturated and the company is looking to expand to meet the needs of regional clients. A regional strategy will be significantly different than the local strategy that has led the company and Security Solutions must outline a thorough marketing plan to ensure that such a
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