Marketing Plan and Strategies of Tassel Group

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Marketing Plan 2

Student name: Jiajun Liu
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1. Introduction 3
2. Marketing Goal and Objective 3
3. Specific Marketing Strategies 4
3.1 Target Market 4
3.2 The Marketing Mix 4
3.2.1 Product 4
3.2.2 Price 5
3.2.3 Place 6
3.2.4 Promotion 6
4. Marketing Implementation and Control 7
4.1 Implementation-Tactical Marketing Activities 7
4.2 Control 8
5. Conclusion 8
6. Reference 10

1. Introduction

When we talk about the salmon in the Australia, we can associate with one brand of the salmon goods that is the Tassal. The Tassal Group Limited as a top three global fish farming company, each year they satisfied the demand of the salmon goods not only in the
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Tassal is the worldwide known company, they are always persisting the quality of the salmon and other product innovations. Tassal has been recognizing that only the company has put great amount of efforts in the research and development then the Tassal is able to gain the future successes. Every years, Investment in research and development at Tassal is centred on better understanding of fish health and the environment in which we farm our fish, mitigating the impact of Tassal’s operations on the environment and continual improvement of fish health (TASSAL Sustainability Report, 2014). However, Tassal research for products invested too much financial and material resources, so that the taste of some products is not very delicious, just very healthy, Today, many young customers’ first choice for the products are delicious and looks good, then they will think about the products are health or not. Therefore, if Tassal company want to attract more young customers buy their products, they need change the taste better.

3.2.2 Price

In price part, I will talk about one Tassa’s product, Smoked Tasmanian Salmon for Cooking, it is sold in a number of ways, Smoked Tasmanian Salmon for Cooking is very easy to eat, and it can use for rich, pastas and salads. So for the Price part of this study, I will look only at the price of their best seller amount
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