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Guide to Writing a Killer
Marketing Plan
Written by: Steven Fisher

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Purpose of this book
You are either someone that has been doing marketing as a part of your professional career or you look at as that “thing you do to promote your business and attract customers to buy”. Regardless of where you are along that spectrum, you have arrived here because you have been charged by the CEO of the startup you work for to write a marketing plan for your business or you need to create one for your own business.
You need to not just write just any marketing plan. You need to write a Killer Marketing
One that your boss will say “awesome, let’s get started” and which will
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The marketing department also takes most of the blame if a product
(or company) isn’t successful, regardless of whether or not the fault actually lies there.”

Logically, your CMO or VP of Marketing would be in charge of this effort but in many startups you don’t have someone in that position so it is probably you with the ultimate responsibility. So my dear reader, I am here to the rescue to guide you through very important part of executing your overall business plan. Planning your company’s marketing program is a process much like the one you go through in writing the business plan. You go through phases of:
• What are you going to do with the plan?
• What are the company’s skills, strengths and weaknesses?
• Goal setting based on those strengths and weaknesses
• Setting strategies for achieving your goals
• Executing the plan
• Putting the numbers together to back up your words
But before you dive into the plan, you should know what type of plan you are expected to write.

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Part 2: The Three Types of Marketing Plans
Most of the time when you are writing the marketing plan, it is usually something that needs to stand on its own and in other cases it might need to be incorporated into another document like a business plan. So before we dive into the executive summary, it is important to understand that there are three marketing plan types with various content and sizes.

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