Marketing Plan for Fitness Center

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Executive Summary 1.0 Executive Summary Corporate Fitness will serve Seattle-area businesses, helping them to become more productive, while lowering their overall costs with innovative wellness programs and strategies. Our business is based on two simple facts: 1. Healthy employees are more productive than chronically ill employees. 2. It costs less to prevent injuries or illnesses than to treat them after they occur. At Corporate Fitness (CF), we tie worker productivity directly to the health care issue. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care crisis are misdirected. These traditional efforts are what we call reactive--that is, they wait until after the worker has been stricken with illness or injury, and…show more content…
• Convenience- Customers will not use the service if it is not convenient. CF recognizes this and strives to make their services as convenient as possible for the targeted customer groups. • Results-orientated strategy- CF will need to improve a company's bottom line in order to attract and maintain customers. While CF will strive to address all of the their customer's needs, the reality is that they must indeed provide significant value for the companies themselves in order to grow their market share. 2.1.3 Market Trends There have been two significant market trends in the last five years. • Increased usage of fitness facilities on behalf of individuals. Exercising and "working out" has become a more mainstream activity in American's lives over the last decade. Five to ten years ago there were widespread reports about an impeding health crisis, obesity. Americans, relative to their Western European counterparts have higher incidents of obesity. To a large degree, this is correlated to American's unhealthy diet of fast food, and generally poor food choices, especially fried foods. The poor diet is not the only factor however. Americans were fairly inactive, with only 19% of people age 20-40 exercising three times a week. Luckily, that has changed over the last 10 years. The percentage of active people has increased to 43% as of 2002. More and more people are going to the gym after work or are

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