Marketing Plan for Frieslandcampina (Dutch Lady) Viet Nam in 2012

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Full name: NGHIEM HA NGUYEN KHOA Student ID: 2444684 Class: OUMMBA1011 – Class 1 Subject: Marketing Management Instructor: Ph.D NGUYEN XUAN MINH TOPIC: MARKETING PLAN FOR FRIESLANDCAMPINA (DUTCH LADY) VIET NAM IN 2012 CONTENTS ---o0o--- I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I.1. Brief introduction of FrieslandCampina Viet Nam I.2. SWOT analysis I.3. Current situation (Including our Objectives) II. INTRODUCTION OF FRIESLANDCAMPINAVIET NAM III. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION IV. SWOT ANALYSIS V. OBJECTIVES VI. MARKETING STRATEGIES VI.1. Product strategy VI.2. Brand strategy VI.3. Distribution strategy VI.4. Price strategy VI.5. Promotion strategy VII. ACTION PROGRAMS VII.1. Promotion programs VII.2. Advertising programs VIII. ESTIMATED PROFIT & LOSS…show more content…
- Friendship medal from Prime Minister of Viet Nam. - “Medal for the community’s health” from Viet Nam Ministry of Health. - “Medal for Viet Nam’s education” from Viet Nam Ministry of Education. - Certificate from Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Development. - “Campaign medal for the young generation” from Youth’s Union. - “Campaign medal for the community” from Women’s Union. - Certificate for being good at Dairy Manufacturing and food safety from President of Binh Duong province. Furthermore, Creating the common value for community is one of our big objectives in Viet Nam. FrieslandCampina Viet Nam promises to keep on devoting actively in improving the quality of life for Vietnamese people, and consider as a long-term marketing strategy. This spirit continually spread widely and deeply especially in FrieslandCampina Viet Nam’s employees. We will strengthen and develop this strategy based on our essence, strong points related to the nutrition field, raising milk cows and education. III. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION Currently, we are implementing those programs below for the purposes of Marketing Strategy and our Social Responsibilities, including: - Developing the stability of milk industry Program: FrieslandCampina Viet Nam start to develop the milk industry since 1995 with investment around 1 million US dollars per year. Currently, there are 70 engineers, veterinarians and Vietnamese technical executives and Dutch

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