Marketing Plan for Gelato

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Executive Summary

As the amelioration of living standard, the requirement in quality of life also improved. Accordingly, people do not only satisfy their basic needs, but also seek for a sense of relish. The notice of this Epicureanism enhances the idea of commencing GELATO.

GELATO will be the leading ice cream manufacturer and wholesaler in territory 30. GELATO will produce three products for three different segments; family, gourmet and lifestyle. Each product will have different tastes, cream content, packaging...etc. Each of these features will be further discussed in this marketing plan.

Ice cream is a seasonal product, due to this seasonal impact, GELATO's marketing mix; the 4Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place) will change in
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The gourmet segment is very different from the family segment. They are young, and generally have no children, so they have a strong preference for high quality products and are quite happy to pay premium prices for brand that can deliver this. This segment is most attracted to status products and is more likely to be influences by appeals to their ego rather than basic needs.

So the prices in this segment can set in the premium range prices, the promotion campaign and the packaging would more likely to be fashion and feel younger to satisfy young people's higher level of needs.

The lifestyle segment

Demographics: over 55 years old, as well as small group of women aged between 25 and 45

male and female

restricted income

old couple living without children

Geographic: the company is operating in Territory 30

Behaviours: ice-cream would satisfy consumer's personal needs in this segment.

At the beginning, this market segment represents about 30% of the total potential sales. In the current years, there are few ice-cream produces on the markets that are designed for this segment, because of there are increasing group of consumer in this segment are more concerned and aware of the implications of diet on their health. Most of there consumers do not buy ice=cream as a consequence, such as they thought ice-cream have high calories and not good for
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