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Marketing Plan for the April 2010 Executive Summary Contents: Executive Summary 2 1.0 Corporate objectives and strategy 5 2.0 Marketing audit 5 2.1 External Analysis – PESTLIED 5 2.2 Industrial and Market Analysis 7 2.3 Competitive Analysis 9 2.3.1 Direct competition 9 2.3.2 Indirect Competition 9 2.3.3 Critical Success Factors 9 2.4 Customer Analysis 10 2.4.1 Grey Market Customers 10 2.4.2 The business related travel. 11 2.4.3 The youth market (16-25). 11 2.4.4 The youth market (26-35). 11 2.5 Market Audit Conclusion – SWOT Analysis 12 3.0 Assumptions 13 4.0 OBJECTIVES 14 4.1 Strategic Objectives 14 4.2 Financial Objectives 14 4.3 Marketing Objectives 14 5.0…show more content…
It is estimated that between 2006 and 2011, the economic outlook for the French Hotel Industry appears positive to steadily grow by an average of 3.5%. Apart from topping the general tourism industry, France also tops the Business travel market. The preceding 5 years, have seen a substantial decrease of 18.5% but the overall attractiveness of this market remains strong as it attracts 12.6 million such business travellers in the past year. The Languedoc-Rousisillon region receives 8.8% of the 1.5 billion overnight stays in France. It is further expected that culture and nature-based tourism within this region will bring a further 1 – 1.5 million tourists next year. 2.1.3 Social The French Tourism market is highly dependant on its local travellers which make up 55.5% of this market. This market is expected to grow further owing to the reduced 35-hour working week thus allowing people with more free time for more frequent short holidays. Added to this, older people are travelling more frequently owing to an improved and cheaper travelling infrastructure. Recent trends show tourists seem to be opting for independent hotels over chain hotels, which is a competitive advantage that ought to be exploited. Further to this, a 2005 survey has shown that the most popular reasons for leisure travel are related to Health/Spa, Sea and gastronomy. 2.1.4 Technology Hotel on-line bookings have increased owing to improved
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