Marketing Plan for Ice Cream

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MKT 700 | marketing plan for vavavoom ice cream shop | PREPARED FOR : DR FAIZAH BT ABD RAHIMPREPARED BY : NOR ISMAWARNI BT ISMAIL (2010130259) | 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this marketing plan is to outline the parameters under which the idea of producing and marketing Vavavoom ice cream in the industry. Vavavoom ice cream is a new invented product that gives benefits to society. An evaluation will be made for Vavavoom Ice Cream Shop. The evaluation will incorporate a substantial amount of factors and various criteria, pertinent to the organizational assessment. An external analysis and appraisal of current and future market segments will also be included. The present segmentation approach will be analysed and future…show more content…
* Healthy Female Reproductive System Kacip Fatimah is traditionally used to maintain a healthy female reproductive system, to help tighten and lubricate, and to enhance sexual function. Oak Gall is rich in antioxidants and is traditionally used as postpartum care to tighten the reproductive system. * Ease Menopausal Smptoms Kacip Fatimah is rich in phytoestrogen and isoflavones, that may ease menopausal symptoms. 1.1.3. Manjakani benefits: * Be Young – The anti-oxidants in manjakani reduce the process of aging * Diabetes Prevention – Gallic Acid can help in preventing diabetes and asthma. * Healing tissues in vagina – Tannins in manjakani has the properties of tightening the vagina muscle and helps reverse loss of elasticity caused by ageing, hormonal changes and childbirth. * Healing external tissues – Astringent in manjakani also aids in healing external tissue damage after childbirth. * Firmer and smoother skins – Astringent in manjakani help for a smoother skin and also prevent acne. * Breast treatment – Due to elasticity properties in manjakani in treating muscles, therefore the habit of consuming manjakani can help improve the breast elasticity. * Teeth and bones – Calcium in manjakani
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