Marketing Plan for Led Lights

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MEEM3057 Industrial Marketing for Engineers

Group 2 Marketing Plan Group members | SID | Chu Kin Wah | 50400206 | Hui Siu Kei | 51394008 | Lo Miu Hung | 51823121 | Suen Cheuk Hang | 51187763 | Shayekh Ahmed Ibn Hassan | 52076711 | Tsang Kin Long | 51908478 | Wong Cheuk Hei | 50620031 | Yeung Cheung | 51447528 |

I. Introduction p. 3 II. Mission and objectives p. 4 III. Capabilities of our company p. 4 IV. Current Marketing Situation p. 5- 10 V. Positioning p. 10 - 11 VI. Marketing Strategy p .12 - 20 1. Product Strategy
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Different countries from six continents are being served by YJM Light Co., Ltd.
To appreciate the effort of this company, Hong Kong young Industrialist Award was awarded to the president of YJM Light Co., Ltd. Mr. William. IV. Current Marketing Situation
There is a global concern to save energy and be more environment friendly now-a-days. Incandescent and fluorescent lights consume a huge amount of energy compared to the light they emit. Average incandescent light only emits 4% of the energy as visible light while fluorescent emits 26%. LED light gives a fine solution to this problem. Though the initial establishment cost is a bit high, LED light is more energy efficient and has a much longer life span. Even though LED light is a very new technology and it is rather new in the light market, it has drawn attraction of a lot of customers.
Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway) has already opted for LED lighting. With the help of Future Lighting Solutions, the trains will be provided with 32 high powered LED lights. It is expected that, this new lighting system will consume 30% less electricity and have 50,000 hours of lifespan triple of fluorescent lights lowering the maintenance cost. At present, three trains are equipped with system as a part of the project. MTR also plans to introduce LED lights in the train stations as well.
Under the Public Works Program, Capital Works Reserve Fund, Hong Kong there is a project undergoing to change all the

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